Lake Macquarie History

Nords Wharf

Name Origin:

William Nord was one of the original land owners in the district. There is some evidence to say that Nord was a Swedish sea captain who transported the first cargo of wheat from Australia and in appreciation received a grant of land from the government. The area now known as South Beach was once called "Mosey's" Beach.

Aboriginal Occupation:

It was once a Spring annual custom for Aborigines from outlying districts to come to the area for a mass walkabout. The route, which was unchanged, was called "Blackfellow's Track". This is approximately the location of Government Road today. At the turn of the century a number of Aborigines lived in huts at Cams Wharf.

Early Land Grants:

Portion 44, William Nord, 40 acres. Portion 3, George Henderson, 40 acres. Portion 94, Aaron Rees, 39 acres. Parish of Wallarah.

Early Settlers:

The Nord family had a large farm and orchard and their wharf was used by the ferries taking miners to Catherine Hill Bay.

Early Subdivisions:

D.P. 12863, declared 21/7/1924. Bounded by Marine Parade, Waterview Road, Central Avenue and Reserved Road (Crangan Bay Road). This subdivision was a part of portions 44, and 3.

Early Industries:

There were Chinese Gardens at Cams Wharf.

First Post Office:

Opened 1st January 1916.

First School:

Opened as a Provisional school from September to December 1901. It became a Public school in January 1902. Nords Wharf School known as 'Wallarah' until September 1919.

Water Supply:


Streets in Nords Wharf