Lake Macquarie History

EK Avenue

EK Avenue was named after the initials of one of the residents, Elsie Keevers. Elsie carved her initials into a large tree at the front of her home. When the buses began to come down Warners Bay Road, people would call out to the driver to stop at the 'EK' and when the street was named, it was really a forgone conclusion of the locals that this is what the street would be named. It has also been said that bus conductors often used to call out "Elsie Keevers' stop" when passing by the street. The Keevers family's home was at the intersection of EK Avenue and Warners Bay Road but was later destroyed by a bushfire. The family then left the suburb.

The intersection of this road with Warners Bay Road became a bus 'section' and the name was shortened to E.K. In 1931, a private bus service was commenced in Charlestown; this was taken over by the Government in 1937. In 1943 EK Avenue was officially named.