Lake Macquarie History

Awabakal Drive

An unnamed road it was gazetted Awabakal Drive on the 6th May 1988. In 1892 J. Fraser condensed and edited Threlkeld's works of 1834 and 1850. Fraser gave the language a name: "A considerable proportion of this volume consists of Mr Threlkeld's acquisitions in the dialect which I have called Awabakal, from Awaba, the native name for Lake Macquarie", Note – 'kal' is a "belonging" suffix .


Lissarrague, Amanda 2006, A Slavage Grammar and Wordlist of the Language of the Hunter River and Lake Macquarieuurrbay Language and Culture Cooperative Ltd

Threlkeld, L. E. (Lancelot Edward) 1850, y to the structure of the Aboriginal language : being an analysis of the particles used as affixes, to form the various modifications of the verbs : shewing the essential powers, abstract roots, and other peculiarities of the language spoken by the Aborigines in the vicinity of Hunter River, Lake Macquarie, etc., New South Wales : together with comparisons of Polynesian and other dialects,printed by Kemp and Fairfax, Sydney