Lake Macquarie History

Gen Street

Gen Street was part of Thomas Williamson's land grant and is mentioned in the 1880s; in 1890, the Post Office was moved here. An early map shows Gen Street going through to the lake, the western side was later renamed Victoria Street. Gen Street was included in the 1918 land sale. A variation in spelling of this street name has been highlighted by local history author Peter Murray: "The G.E.M. Café stood on the highway near where the fire station now stands, taking, or giving its name from/to 'Gem' (later Gen) Street. ("From Bahtahbah to Belmont: a history of the first century of European settlement 1826-1926, p.206). Murray also states that the "Gem Café, next to the Memorial Hall and near what was then 'Gem' Street." (Murray, p.208).