Lake Macquarie History

Boolaroo Road

The name of the road from Teralba to Watkins Bridge into Boolaroo. In 1902, the Government resumed the road from Teralba to Boolaroo and in 1930, it was tarsealed. The Stockton Borehole pit paddock from Lucky's Lane to Cockle Creek Back Creek was one of the grazing paddocks used by Read's Dairy herd. Typical of a mining town, the paddock fence used worn out cables from the mine as wiring. These heavy cables sagged between the posts and remained for decades until they rusted through and fell to the ground. In 1973 Watkins bridge was demolished ,the name plate from the bridge was placed on the bridge over the North Arm of Cockle Creek. With the demolition of Watkins Bridge and the extension of Racecourse Road over York Street, Boolaroo Road (Teralba) ceased to exist.