Lake Macquarie History

Railway Street

Basically joining Stockton Borehole and Northern Extended collieries running along the side of the railway line. Probably this street would have been named and in use as soon as the railway construction commenced. The station opened in 1887. The current railway line extends around Billy Goat Hill. Originally the line ran between two hills (Rhondda Hill and Billy Goat Hill) the dip between the two hills was referred to as The Saddle. It was alternatively called Five Islands and Lake Macquarie for a time. The first St Michaels Catholic Church was here. Mine owner Andrew Sneddon's Federation Queen Anne style Heritage House was built early in the 20th century. The familiar AS lettering was erected on the brickwork in memory of a family member killed in WW1. The manager of Northern Extended Colliery had his residence in Railway Street.