Lake Macquarie History

The Esplanade

In Warner's subdivision map of 1879, the Warners Bay section of the Government Road from Boolaroo was named simply 'Esplanade'.The Esplanade is part of Main Road 527 going to Eleebana and 674 going to Speers Point from the King Street intersection. In the early 1930's local residents erected the first dance hall in Warners Bay on land adjacent to the corner of The Esplanade and the Charlestown turn-off on Warners Bay Road.

The first Pharmacy in Warners Bay was opened by Margaret Cunninghame Penfold in c.1955. This was bought by pharmacist Moiya Patricia Chapman in 1958. A few years later her dentist husband Robert moved his surgery upstairs above the pharmacy. The Chapman family retained the pharmacy until 2002.