Lake Macquarie History

Burwood Road

The first shaft in Whitebridge for Burwood Colliery was sunk in 1888 and Burwood Road leading to the mine would have come into existence about that time though it does not seem to be named officially on a 1925 plan. The name "Black Road" was used in the NMH on 11 March 1932 when referring to this road. It is believed that this name came from the Black Family - the original family to settle on the road before 1915.

In 1896, Frank Croudace became the mine manager. In 1946, the Duke of Gloucester (the Governor-General) visited Burwood Colliery. The mine continued in operation until 1982 and was one of Australia's greatest coal producers. The poppet wheels and headframe from Burwood Colliery was relocated at the Newcastle Regional Museum in Newcastle West in 1988 until its removal in 2009. Coming off Burwood Road is the Dudley Beach Road to the car park for the beach. The Burwood Bowling Club is on Burwood Road. The track leading to the Scouts' Glenrock Lagoon Camp in the Glenrock State Recreation Area commences from this road also.