Lake Macquarie History

Dibbs Street landmark - Adamstown Belmont Railway - Fernleigh Track

On 9 October 1962, after crossing Dibbs Street, 5035 works an empty coal train up the 1 in 40 grade towards the Fernleigh Tunnel and is about to pass the landmark signal warning of the 'controlled' or signalled area approaching the Park Avenue Crossing. Although this particular landmark has been replaced, the current landmark, in generally the same location is an important element of railway infrastructure along the Fernleigh Track. Rails past this section of the track were lifted early in May 2002. The yellow triangle faces the direction of travel to be warned of the approaching signals. Landmark signals were also known to have existed approaching Fernleigh Loop, Dudley Junction, Redhead and John Darling Junction.Photo. E.A.Downs from Adamstown via Fernleigh

photo: dibbs street, landmark