Lake Macquarie History

Charlestown Petty Sessions for the recovery of small debt. Court books, 1900-1936

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This book is a record of cases heard by the Court of Petty Sessions at Charlestown with regard to settling small debts.

The information contained in the records includes name of defendant and plaintiff, nature of claim and settlement made.

Small debts courts had limited jurisdiction to hear civil cases between private litigants. These courts may also have had other judicial functions, and have been known by different names in different jurisdictions.

The jurisdiction of small debts courts typically encompassed private disputes involving small amounts of money. The routine collection of small debts formed a large portion of the cases brought before these courts, as well as evictions and other disputes between landlords and tenants.


Court of Petty Sessions Charlestown [n.d.], Court of Petty Sessions for the recovery of small debt record books1900-1936, in possession of Lake Mac Libraries, N.S.W.