Lake Macquarie History

City of Lake Macquarie Heritage Study

City of Lake Macquarie Heritage Study Report 1993 all suburbs

This study of all the City of Lake Macquarie City Council was commissioned in 1992 and was prepared by Suters Architects Snell for Lake Macquarie Council, 1993.

The Heritage Sites of each suburb and locality were examined and reported on, although some historical sites did need more investigation and development.

Each suburb or locality has a map of the area locating the heritage sites. As well as location each Heritage Site has name (past and present), address, owners, category, period built and used, photograph or sketch, characteristics, description, historical notes,references, and Statement of significance.

These studies include all National Trust, National Estate Register areas of significance in the City of Lake Macquarie area. The study was also complied with reference to many Government acts of preservation of Aboriginal and European history, in context to the sites evaluated and studied.

What qualifies for a Heritage site?

A heritage site must be significant in meeting the following themes and requirements of heritage value, they have been assessed in terms of local, regional and state context. Generally speaking the site must meet at least one of the following criteria

  • Historic Significance
  • Scientific Significance
  • Natural Significance
  • Archaeological Significance
  • Social Significance
  • Architectural Significance
  • Aesthetic Significance


Turner, John & Lake Macquarie (N.S.W.). Council & C. and M. J. Doring (Firm) & Suters Architects Snell 1993, City of Lake Macquarie heritage study : final report, Suters Architects Snell, Newcastle, N.S.W