Lake Macquarie History

Lake Macquarie in poetry and song

World Poetry Day, 21st March 2017

Lake Macquarie's beauty and the lifestyle enjoyed by her residents has been portrayed in poetry and song over many years. From the earliest days of settlement to recent times, they are a reflection of the society in which the poets and lyricists lived. Engaging with the poems or songs is a great way to see how life has changed, or remained the same, in and around our lake.

From social commentary to lyrical and passionate descriptions to witty, catchy tunes, each one portrays a unique perspective of Lake Macquarie.

photo: awaba house, booragul


A Day in Burwood Glenn. Poem by Alfred Sharp. 1889

A September Evening at Lake Macquarie. Poem by M.W. 1892

Lake Macquarie. Poem by E.J. Bowling. 1888

Lake Macquarie Races. Poem about the regattas held at Speers Point Park. 1891

Lakescape. Poem by Roland Robinson

Lake Macquarie. Poem by M.W. 1889

Lake Macquarie. Poem published in Wallsend and Plattsburg Sun. 1889

The Strike. Poem by Mrs W B Griffiths, 1880.

Sheet Music

Breezes from Lake Macquarie

Lake Macquarie, Jewel of the north.

Sailing on to Dreamland (the song of beautiful Lake Macquarie)


Have You Ever Been to Toronto. By Bob and Chic Cooper

Ballad of Lake Macquarie. By Bob and Chic Cooper

Wangi Queen M V. By Bob and Chic Cooper

Come to Warners Bay. By Bob and Chic Cooper