Lake Macquarie History

Lake Macquarie 1893

Published in Wallsend and Plattsburg Sun

13 November, 1893

photo: rowing on the lake

Photograph from our collection: Rowing on the Lake

Girt by woods and ringed by mountains,

Dreams the sister of the sea;

While from many inland fountains

Float soft strains of melody;

Here, shut in from restless ocean,

From the wave that landward leaps,

Rippling with a gentle motion,

Lake Macquarie rests and sleeps.

Rippling like the gentle breathing

Of a maiden in her sleep,

While without the waves are seething

And the surges roll and leap;

Type this is of earth’s existence -

Peace and warfare side by side;

Ocean with it’s fierce insistence,

Lake with calm and gentle tide.

Bays of beauty, shores of glitter,

Woods of perfume, hills of shine,

Silver streamlets charm the sitter

‘Neath these bowers of tree and vine;

Hearts and minds of cares divesting,

Tired men with troubled eyes,

Here from weary labour resting,

Catch a glimpse of paradise.

Plattsburg M.G.T.