Lake Macquarie History

Come to Warners Bay.

Music and lyrics by Bob and Chic Cooper.

Recorded on the album Songs of the Hunter Valley, memorabilia. c2000

Catch a coach- or sail a - boat to 'Warners Bay',

You are welcome here to surf, swim and play,

Oh Yeah ---u--u huh I'm in "Warners Bay".

Bring your Mum and Dad- and your dog for a run,

Down along the foreshore - today is for fun,

Oh Yeah ---u--u huh come to "Warners Bay".

Such a lovely place, we can stay for a while,

go for a walk, prom- e- nade in style,

If the sun is too hot cover up with a grin

Don't forget to join us when the games begin,

Our Lake Macquarie likes her own way,

we love her mountain treasures and waterways,

Oh Yeah ---u--u huh come to "Warners Bay".

If you are here, when the suns going down

Feel the breeze in the trees shining lights all around

Oh Yeah ---u--u huh You're here in "Warners Bay".

You're here in "Warners Bay" Today- to stay -today.