Lake Macquarie History

Sailing on to Dreamland

The song of beautiful Lake Macquarie

This song was composed by Alexander Galloway and arranged by Frederick Whaite c.1939. Alexander Galloway (1876 - 1945) was a prolific Newcastle musician, songwriter and photographer.

Biographical information and sound recording courtesy of University of Newcastle Cultural Collections


photo: sailboat pip on lake macquarie at speers point

Come with me to share enchantment,

Where white sails in splendour gleam.

While the moonbeams chase the shadows,

Midst sweet music let us dream,

Off the shores of Wangi Wangi,

See Toronto’s twinkling lights,

Our hearts filled with joyous rapture,

With Lake Macquarie’s gorgeous sights,


Sailing on to Dreamland, singing loves refrain,

The stars now growing brighter,

While the moon is on the wane,

We'll drift into the future,

Where romantic breezes sigh,

With regrets to Lake Macquarie,

We must say a fond goodbye.

Would that this could last for ever,

Rolling onward you and I.

Forgetting all about tomorrow,

Underneath this radiant sky,

Slowly passing glorious Belmont,

And there’s Swansea on our beam,

Then the great Pacific Ocean,

Now comes to meet on in the stream,

Repeat Refrain