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Germania Club

Club Germania closed its doors for the final time in September 2010.

The German Club, known as Club Germania Newcastle was initially established in 1957.
It was set up by German-speaking migrants who were mainly working in the steel and mining industries in the Hunter region. In addition to being a meeting place for German-speaking folk, it had the aim to preserve the German language, customs and tradition and to encourage harmony between German-speaking migrants and their fellow Australians.

The Club specifically expressed that there should be no political, national, religious or racist agenda within the club.

Club Germania quickly became a very popular destination for new German immigrants. The clubhouse at Hillsborough Road, Warners Bay was officially opened in February 1975 by the German Consul-General, Dr. H. Tuerk.

photo: indoor rifle shooting at club germania

Soon after an indoor rifle range was opened in the club in November 1976.

The club soon became famous for its traditional German meals and beers, dance nights and the very popular Oktoberfests.

In line with the desire to preserve German language, customs and traditions, Club Germania worked in conjunction with Goethe Institute and Newcastle University to provide scholarships for the University's German language studies. Part of the scholarship included flights to Germany for further intensive study.
The club also ran the German Saturday School, teaching and improving German language skills to any interested persons, particularly children and hosted a well-renowned Christmas party for its students.

photo: club germania newcastle logo

In the late 1990’s the club struggled with a decreasing membership and stopped hosting Oktoberfests due to the requirement to provide a police presence and ambulance service.
Club Germania continued to run as a restaurant, dance venue and club until the financial issues became too much.

Sala's Function Centre now resides on the site of Club Germania.

If you have any photos of Club Germania in its heyday, we would be happy to include them with this story.