Lake Macquarie History

Autumn Gold

Autumn, summed up, is gold.

Golden oak and beech tree leaves

Mellowed gold and stately sheaves.

Golden sunnsets, set aflame

Running brook and country lane.

While the golden pheasant call

As the evening shadows fall,

Upon the golden bracken spray

'Neath which the golden leverets play.

Golden nuts on hazel trees

Are culled by squirrels brown and free.

Golden stacks of scented hay,

Crown the labourer's toilsome day.

Whilst on the bosom of the stream

Drift the fallen golden leaves.

Like the souls of men being bourn

To the golden great beyond.

Where are bound with golden thread

Both the living and the dead

Glorious thoughts are left to stray

Of golden childhood’s playful days

And thus we span with thoughts of gold

The days departed, now we're old.

Thompson Noble. Kinglake, Victoria 1928.

Note: A leveret is a young hare