Lake Macquarie History

Night on Bulba

Shadows are falling, night is at hand

Peaceful the sundown o'er all the land

Birds are a'speeding their slumber to seek

Cattle are lowing, while gather the sheep.

The Jackass is laughing, while swallows a'wing

Are speeding through space, as night vespers ring.

Possums are stealing from tree hole and log

And from over the mainland comes the barking of dogs.

The pet rats are crunching outside at the corn

While 'Bess' 'Jean' and 'Judy' look on all forlorn.

Wild eyed the three emu's encircle the ground

Quite tempting the corn is, that's scattered around.

But off to their "eerie" I hunt them away

Because they have 'tuckered' around all the day.

Outside is old 'Sooty' parading the rail

In search of the 'piece' that has yet never failed.

Coal black her tunic, and bonny her brush

She's queen of the possum's in Bulba's green bush.

Tommy's a slinking, sly 'silver grey'

Who parades on the roof at the end of the day.

In a swamp, on an oak tree, sits a round faced old owl

A'blinking at me with a terrible scowl!

The 'mo-pokes' are calling a dreary old wail

While out on the lake steals homeward a sail.

Stars are a'peeping, the moon's half awake

And quiet and still is the f ace of the lake

The mullet are leaping about as of yore

While the fishermen’s camp fire burns on the shore.

Hearty the laughter at some hoary jest

That is told in the circle of Neptune's old guests.

But as quickens the night, and deepens the fall

A quiet is felt that descends over all.

The shadows have fallen, night's now at hand

May restful the slumber be o'er all the land.

Thompson Noble.