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Storm, Bulba

Storm, Bulba (Lake Macquarie)

Grey brooding skies, whose tears are unabating. An angry lake whipped to white capped fury by a squally nor' easter, seeking to envelope this Island Sanctuary.

Copper tipped gum trees swaying to a mad cadence with their less showy brethren the swamp oaks. Little hillocks giving hurried flight by gravity to this unaccustomed flood of tears, whilst the more friendlygullies are gathering them into one communal whole. Meekly, with bowed heads the pet 'roos await the passing of the unfriendly elements, whilst the redbills are revelling in the filling swamp._ Standing on one leg, reeking and dejected, the pet magpie seeks the shelter of a stray packing case. 'Pinky' the galah with noisy roystering seeks to collect as much moisture on utspread wings as possible. Undeterred by the 'white horses' on the lake the cormorants dive and plunge to their hearts content. White Clematis and Wonga Vine have closed their early petals till kissed again with genial sunshine. Dropping sprays of pencil orchid give a brightening touch to the sombre litchens on the swamp oak's limbs.

A scrub wallaby, with a youngster kicking in her pouch looks longingly to the cottage. From thence cometh the corn that feeds them! Greyer grows the sky and the trees sway more recklessly before the unseen fury that seeks to encompass them. 'Snowy' the white dove, sleek and unconcerned, is feeding from his flooded seek box, whilst the pee-wits and soldier birds seek the shelter of the sturdy limbs. The Kookaburras are strangely quiet today. Boom of angry waves upon the shores, and the swish of trees before the fretful squalls of wind are the two major sounds I hear. But hark to the melody of one of the bush magpies! Perched near a termite's nest in an old iron bark, the rich round notes, smooth as velvet float in at the cottage door. A soothing symphony for a brooding soul. Sing on, oh joyous minstrel, for surely as your music floats around, the rainbow with radiant hue will circle the sky, the wind cease, the lake be stilled and his majesty the sun, coyly at first, but with becoming confidence takes his place to cheer the heart of man, in the wonderful ordering of the universe.

Thompson Noble.

25th JULY 1933.

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