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Letters of Louisa Fennell

This letter is from Louisa Fennell to her sister-in-law Mary. It was written in 1889, four years after Richard's death - 4th July1885. Her return address is care of Mr W Stevenson at Dora Creek, the husband of her daughter Ruhamah (Amy).

Louisa was born c.1819, the daughter of James and Ann Hayward, of London. She arrived in Australia aboard the Ann Lockerby on 23 December 1836, in the company of her mother Ann Holt and her uncle Joseph Brooke and his family. The ships manifest mistakenly lists her as Louisa Brooke and gives her age as 17.

She and Richard met and were married in the small Southern Tablelands town of Gundaroo, NSW. Louisa's name is given as Hayward on her marriage certificate, as this was the name of her father. The name Holt was from her mother's second marriage.

It would have been a hard pioneer life for Louisa, though she lived into her mid 70s. Louisa died on 14th August, 1894 and is said to have been buried on the Fennell property, Belle Vue at Fennell Bay.

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