Lake Macquarie History

Ake Kolo

photo: ake kolol

Ake was born in Western Samoa, and after finishing High School she travelled to New Zealand to find work. She met and married her husband in New Zealand, giving up her job to start their family. The Kolo family moved to Australia in 1980, so that her husband could find a better job. They settled in Lake Macquarie and he soon found a good job at BHP steelworks.

Ake's husband had a lot of family in the area, and she became involved in the local Samoan Community. Women's groups are an important part of traditional Samoan culture which the local community here have continued to uphold. Ake and her friends get together regularly to weave, talk, knit, sew and have fun. She has met and made friends with many other Australians from different cultures, through her church and family group.

Ake describes her life in Australia as good - all of her children have grown up here, have good jobs and have had the opportunity to experience of a lot of things.