Lake Macquarie History

Migrant Stories of Lake Macquarie

The theme of Lake Mac Libraries is Share the story. Community History staff were keen to share the story of migrants in Lake Macquarie. There is often negative reporting around immigration, our goal was to put a human face to the migrant story & show how our LGA has benefited from the diversity and strong sense of community migrants have contributed to our community.

The project was picked up by Councils Community Development department and formed the centrepiece of Councils contribution to Harmony Day Celebrations at The Place Charlestown on March 25th. This project would not have been possible without the willing participation of our interviewees. Our sincere thanks to;

            • Anya Wooden - Latvia
            • Bernadette Gray - Samoa
            • Olga Healey - Russia
            • Ake Kolo - Samoa
            • Masha Koren - Slovenia
            • Promila Gupta - India
            • Juanita Purcell- Loli - Samoa
            • Mei Walker - China
            • Sonia Gonzalez - Chile

The interviewees talk about their decision to leave their home country, the benefits, challenges, and their impressions of the Lake Macquarie region.