Lake Macquarie History

Galgabba Point, Galgabee Creek, Swansea

This was the Awabakal name for Swansea. Believed to mean ‘a place to rest or a pleasant place to camp’. (From and interview with T. D. Boyd – L.M.C.C. Library) Later research found that in ritual tongue this means ‘a place to relax’ and in ordinary language means ‘sand spit’. “Ba’ on the end of a word means ‘a place of’. ‘Ee’ on the end of a word (as in Galgabee Creek) means ‘important, urgent call attention to’. (Source: “Aborigines of the Hunter Region” by the Dept. of Education Hunter Region). In the late 1800's a boat built at Swansea Shipyard was named Galgabba.