Lake Macquarie History

Golden Mile Pavers Recording, Withers Street, West Wallsend

Written and researched by Bonnie Murdoch.

The ‘Golden Mile’ was a well-known street in West Wallsend. It was created in the 1930s during the Great Depression and had local ex-miners help construct it. The sandstone kerb and guttering was hence called the ‘Golden Mile’. In 2013, Withers Street was upgraded. There were two types of brick pavers discovered.

John Baker established the Lincoln Brickworks in 1852 when he arrived from England. Frith’s Brickyard (c.1885-1930s) were established by pioneer Joseph Holmes’ son-in-law Richard Firth. William Firth, Richard’s brother, built the first home in Holmesville. Lincoln Brickworks supplied replacement pavers and original pavers remain in the eastern corner of Withers and Brown streets


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