Lake Macquarie History

Catherine Hill Bay Cemetery

Located on Northwood Road (off Flowers Drive) at Catherine Hill Bay, visitors can walk through the cemetery grounds to the edge of the sea for majestic views. The cemetery has an eclectic setting with a mixture of monumental and lawn gravesites.
The oldest existing monument in the cemetery for Anne Dodds (aged 34 years) is located in the bush on the edge of the sand dunes dated 1896.


Australian Cemeteries Index (ACI) website Australian Cemeteries Index provides a list of inscriptions. Kevin Dee in late 2006 photographed existing inscriptions, the indexed inscriptions on ACI are based on his collection of images with reference to New South Wales Birth Deaths and Marriages.

Catherine Hill Bay Cemetery : gravestone inscriptions / Newcastle Family History Society 929.5 CAT

The Belmont Cemetery is administered by the Lake Macquarie City Council Lake Macquarie City Council Cemetery Services