Lake Macquarie History

Mining Deaths - John Darling Colliery

Miller Joseph 29 May 1927 63 crushed by a dobbin - accidental death
Crozier Richard 4 July 1927 38 hit by steel girder - accidental death
King John Rutherford 14 January 1929 42 fractured spine from falling coal - accidental death
McGuinness John 19 December 1930 57 injuries from roof faling - accidental death
Tripney David Thompson 13 November 1930 43 haemorrhage - accidental death
Ryan John William 16 December 1932 32 injuries from roof caving in
Jensen Frederick 31 October 1933 46 natural causes - heart failure
Cartwright William Aubrey 26 March 1934 29 injuries received from being buried under a roof collapse - accidental death
Monaghan James 3 March 1935 51septicemia from injuries sustained in roof collapse - accidental death
Young James 14 September 1937 48injuries sustained from being crushed under a fall of coal
AndersonJames White 11 April 1938 42 injuries sustained from being run over by a locomotive
Robertson William George 8 March 1938 23 injuries sustained from a fall of coal
Galvin Daniel 24 March 1939 65 pneumonoconiosis, bronchitis and emphysema contracted while employed in mine- awarded workers compensation
Carey Andrew 23 May 1939 47 injuries sustained from faling coal
Cobbin William 20 February 1940 72 pulmonary oedema due to myocardial degeneration accentuated by shock following amputation of his leg
Thomson Arthur Morris 23 December 1942 52 accidental death
Giffen Thomas 3 October 1945 16 injuries sustained after being run over by a train of empty skips - accidental death
Houghton Clarence 15 August 1957 38 Was driving a loco being shunted when a bolt from the skiff came undone and the trap doors fell on to the track shaking the locomotive. Mr Houghton fell off the loco and under the wheels which ran over him.