Lake Macquarie History

West Wallsend Oral Histories

The following recordings were made by students of West Wallsend High School in 1988, as part of a bicentennial project.

photo: school of arts, west wallsend

The aim of the project was to interview older residents of the suburb about their life and times, and about the effects of the Great Depression.

The original recordings were made on cassette tape, and were digitised by Lake Macquarie City Library in 2008. The quality of the recordings varies greatly, but the stories are an invaluable record of the history of the area.They are stories of hard times made bearable by tremendous community spirit and the camaraderie of neighbours and friends.

Agnes Bowie

Beryl Brown

Dorothy Carson

Ernie Lambert

George Toward

Hillary Ellis

Ivy May Grant

Jim Priest and Phyllis Reichart

Joan Walters and Mrs Robinson

John Hunter and Vic Cristiani

Joyce Beattie and Ivy Gildae

Julie Wannacott

Kathleen Mahoney

Kevin Blakeley

Mr and Mrs Lambert

Mrs Thompson

Audrey Jarrett

Oscar Wakeman and Tom Bissett

Nellie Wakeman and Tom Bissett

Oscar and Nellie Wakeman and Tom Reynolds

Oscar Wakeman

Thelma Burt, Arthur Harvey and Janet Bisset

Tom Reynolds and Mel Ferguson

William Clarence Lord