Lake Macquarie History

WWII RAAF Boardman - Childs

Rank Christian Names Surname Service Number Suburb of Association
LAC Leslie Roy Job BOARDMAN 70145 Blacksmiths
LAC Harold Maxwell BOLTH 132181 Toronto
Sergeant Neil Alfred BOOTH NX123325 Boolaroo
AC1 Harry BOTHAM 35515 Speers Point
ACW1 Heather BOWER 176863 Wangi Wangi
Sergeant Angus BOYD 21049 Belmont
LAC Ernest Henry BOYD 62258 Swansea
LAC John Henry BOYLE 422396 West Wallsend
LAC Isaac William John BRACKEN 35757 Cardiff
LAC William Henry BRADLEY 63987 West Wallsend
ACW1 Ivy Gladest BRATTAN 176139 Charlestown
Sergeant Alfred Stanley Inglis BRAYE 6136 Toronto
LAC Robert Allan Ross BRAYE 6137 Lake Macquarie
LAC William Edward BRENNAN 68907 Wyee
ACW1 Helen Bernice BRETT 108226 West Wallsend
LAC Frank Charles BRIERLEY 132326 West Wallsend
Corporal Thomas James BRIERLEY 35516 Booragul
LAC Frederick BRITT 63500 West Wallsend
LAC Ronald BRITTON 130378 Belmont
LAC Edward William BROADBENT 134893 Dudley
Sergeant Milton Clive BROADBENT 70417 Dudley
LAC Wesley Raymond BROADBENT 69865 Dudley
LAC William George BROADFOOT 135939 Cardiff
Corporal Gerald Anzac BROGAN 15659 Teralba
Corporal James BROGAN 36343 Teralba
Corporal Walter Ernest BROGDEN 21114 Holmesville
Corporal Doris Mabel BROOKS 98746 Fassifern
Flying Officer John Henry BROOKS 411857 Speers Point
Sergeant Arthur Leonard BROWN 60463 Morisset
Corporal James Archibald BROWN 34213 Cardiff
LAC Cecil Ernest BROWNLOW 66530 Speers Point
ACW1 Joyce Lowie BRYAN 109102 Seahampton
LAC Joseph BRYDEN 69275 West Wallsend
LAC Harry Watkin BUCKLAND 35758 Cardiff
LAC Alan Clyde BULLEN 139286 Cardiff
Corporal Christopher Frederick Cecil BULLEN 36048 Cardiff
LAC Roy Edward BULLEN 136660 Boolaroo
AC1 Arthur Osborne BULLEY 21171 Speers Point
LAC George BUNN 135310 Charlestown
LAC Eric Mcdonald BURGIN 74603 Boolaroo
LAC Allan Charles BURKILL 166144 Boolaroo
Flight Sergeant Walter Leonard BURKILL 21396 Morisset
LAC Richard Frederick BURKINSHAW 21057 Toronto
ACW1 Jean BURMESTER 176577 Teralba
Corporal Alison May BURNS 106778 Toronto
AC1 Robert Beryl BURNS 61652 Belmont
LAC Bernard Lester BURRELL 68365 Belmont
AC2 Kevin Edward BURRELL 446173 Belmont
LAC John Randolph BURTON 35101 Boolaroo
Sergeant Geoffrey Thomas BYRNES 60169 Blacksmiths
LAC Edward CAHILL 73008 Catherine Hill Bay
LAC Harold CAIN 130470 Charlestown
Flight Sergeant Lance CAIN 15279 Swansea
LAC John CAIRNEY 166830 Barnsley
Flight Sergeant John CALDERWOOD 9402 West Wallsend
LAC Allan Lochiel CAMERON 135767 West Wallsend
Sergeant Norman CAMERON 34488 West Wallsend
LAC Alic CAMPBELL 73552 Catherine Hill Bay
Sergeant Frederick Colin CAMPBELL 60920 Belmont
ACW1 Isabella CAMPBELL 97711 Killingworth
LAC Robert Thomas Roland CAMPBELL 72348 Cardiff
Corporal Arthur John CAPE 21306 West Wallsend
LAC John Edward CARR 134868 Cardiff
ACW1 Crissie CARSON 106871 West Wallsend
LAC James Edward CARSON 421293 West Wallsend
LAC Ralph Ronald CASSON 73014 Warners Bay
AC1 John CASTRAY 36613 Martinsville
LAC Gerard CHALLENDER 164934 Kahibah
Flight Sergeant John CHALMERS 21069 Mount Hutton
LAC Morris Kevin CHANNELLS 135275 Cardiff
LAC Francis Ronald CHANNON 133270 Cardiff
Group Captain Edmond Laidler CHAPMAN O333 Toronto
LAC Thomas Cecil CHARLTON 34916 Swansea
Flight Lieutenant Alan Nelson CHARTERS 432304 West Wallsend
LAC Cecil Charles CHERRY 135719 Cardiff
Private Edwin Clifford CHERRY NX48158 Killingworth
LAC Kenneth Allen CHERRY 134356 Warners Bay
LAC George Phillip William CHILDS 74370 Cardiff

Acknowledgement of Country

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