Lake Macquarie History

WWII RAAF Dorrington - Galvin

Rank Christian Names Surname Service Number Suburb of Association
LAC Albert DORRINGTON 132018 West Wallsend
LAC Horace James DOUGLAS 21432 Catherine Hill Bay
LAC Robert Leslie DOUGLAS 137611 Morisset
LAC Bennett Williams DRUERY 68973 Dudley
Corporal William Joseph DUERS 34325 Cardiff
Corporal Stanley Neil DUGAN 12365 Belmont
LAC Reginald Patrick DUGGAN 133758 Teralba
LAC Charles Stephen DUGMORE 46400 Belmont
Sergeant Eric Duncan DUNN 21166 Belmont
LAC Peter Roy DUNN 124523 West Wallsend
Sergeant Thomas Hutton DUNN 42870 Belmont
LAC Arthur Allan DUNNE 70661 Boolaroo
LAC Eric Tyson DUNNE 161542 Cooranbong
LAC James DURIE A210276 West Wallsend
Sergeant James Reginald DURIE 14530 West Wallsend
LAC James Ross DURRANT 423681 West Wallsend
WO Alfred Edgar DYRING 15577 Belmont
LAC John George EADINGTON 73550 Whitebridge
LAC Sidney Clyde EBBECK 132715 Boolaroo
LAC Ernest Russell EDWARDS 131584 Cardiff
LAC Harold Richard EDWARDS 132429 Cardiff
Flight Sergeant Patrick John EDWARDS 413748 Cardiff
Flying Officer Leonard Alexander EINSAAR 407318 Awaba
LAC John ELKINS 71552 West Wallsend
LAC John Price ELLIOTT 68624 Booragul
LAC Edward Martin ELSE 73998 Cooranbong
ACW1 Joyce Marie EMBLETON 108719 Charlestown
ACW1 Nancy Alberta EMBLETON 110174 Charlestown
Sergeant Allan William EMOND 34316 Cardiff
Corporal Dorothy Bennison EMOND 108045 Cardiff
LAC Thomas ETHERIDGE 70662 Cardiff
LAC Alexander EVANS 71498 Marks Point
LAC Charles Henry Daniel EVANS 70987 West Wallsend
Sergeant Cyril Henry EVANS 36548 Cardiff
ACW1 June Agnes EVANS 36548 Cardiff
LAC James Robertson Sneddon EVANS 136119 West Wallsend
ACW1 Lesley Gertrude EVANS 177371 Cardiff
Sergeant Charles Donald EVERITT 62649 Toronto
Signalman Phyllis Edith EYRE NF456354 Killingworth
ACW1 June Agnes FAIRLEY 178180 West Wallsend
Corporal James Hector FALLON 24308 Teralba
LAC Edward George FARRAWAY 72233 Catherine Hill Bay
Corporal Harold William FAWKES 33803 Redhead
LAC Kevin Clifford FELTON 135314 Belmont
Sergeant Sidney Albert FENNELL 21254 Speers Point
LAC Adam Nimmo FERGUSON 74497 Teralba
LAC Archibald Evlyn James FERGUSON 67885 Speers Point
ACW1 Dulcie FERGUSON 106023 Toronto
LAC James FERGUSON 72772 West Wallsend
LAC Dudley Cyril FIELD 71085 Awaba
Sergeant Norman Francis FIELD 4359 Morisset
LAC Terence FIELD 138508 Awaba
LAC Cecil Douglas FIFETT 134072 Marks Point
AC1 Frank FILDES 37835 Cardiff
LAC Walter William FILMER 36112 Toronto
ACW1 Josephine Lorna FINLAY 98376 Morisset
LAC Benjamin FINNEY 34228 West Wallsend
LAC Reginald FISHER 74785 West Wallsend
LAC Desmond Kenneth FITZSIMMONS 71800 Charlestown
LAC Frederick Albert Thomas FLEGG 165637 Cardiff
LAC Henry James FLETCHER 132112 Belmont
LAC Bernard Walter FLICK 137415 Cardiff
ACW1 Leila Elizabeth FORD 176362 Belmont
Corporal Ross James FORRESTER 71033 Boolaroo
Corporal Graham John FOSTER 23349 Swansea
LAC John Ambrose FOSTER 135230 Cardiff
Corporal Verner Roy FOX 36147 Catherine Hill Bay
LAC Henry FRAME 138658 Cardiff
LAC William FREEBAIRN 68729 Swansea
LAC Barry Wilson FRITH 166204 Speers Point
Pilot Officer Ernest Francis Hamilton FRITH 403653 Boolaroo
AC1 Raymond Wilson FRITH 6409 Teralba
LAC Ernest Norman FROST 73001 Morisset
ACW1 Joyce Warby FRY 177482 Teralba
ACW1 Doreen FULLER 177574 Catherine Hill Bay
LAC Henry GALBRAITH 422166 Gateshead
LAC Joseph Edward GALLAGHER 63941 Toronto
ACW1 Monica Patricia GALVIN 108720 Charlestown

Acknowledgement of Country

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