Lake Macquarie History

WWII RAAF Gamage - Heath

Rank Christian Names Surname Service Number Suburb of Association
Corporal Guy Howard GAMAGE 17736 Belmont
WO Frank Norman GANNON 21246 Charlestown
ACW1 Audrey Muriel GARDNER 177560 Cardiff
LAC Herbert Thomas GAY 71566 Cardiff
Pilot Officer John Thomas GEESON 21421 Boolaroo
LAC James Frederick GEORGE 166077 Cardiff
LAC Arthur Francis GESELL 137917 Boolaroo
Sergeant Marcus Vane GIBLETT 69262 Cooranbong
Corporal Frank Fenwick GILMORE 34073 Toronto
Private Alexander GILMOUR N468662 Cardiff
AC1 Frank Oliver GLADYS 12040 Cardiff
Sergeant Albert John GLAISTER 411220 West Wallsend
LAC Roger Joseph GLEESON 64903 Cardiff
ACW1 Ethel May GOODHEW 92885 Morisset
LAC Wallace Ernest GORSUCH 71178 Belmont
LAC Basil James GRAHAM 69065 Swansea
LAC George Harry GRAYSON 21164 Charlestown
Flying Officer Barnaby Ryder GREATREX 413758 Toronto
LAC James GREEN 69932 Belmont
LAC Kenneth GREENSTEIN 135044 Belmont
LAC Alick John GRESHAM 435434 Speers Point
ACW1 Doris May GRIFFITHS 108966 Teralba
LAC Frederick Charles GRIFFITHS 164002 Catherine Hill Bay
LAC Thomas John GROGAN 167211 Argenton
LAC Cecil Laurence GRONO 133226 Holmesville
LAC Stanley Allan GROVES 131079 West Wallsend
LAC William George GROVES 71783 West Wallsend
ACW1 Cleo Bertha GULITZ 108696 Speers Point
LAC Sidney Frederick GUNDRY 137401 Kahibah
Sergeant David GUNNING A2397 Dora Creek
LAC Lawrence James GURR 166009 Charlestown
AC1 John HADDOW 134879 Blacksmiths
LAC Walter Neal HAFEY 135390 Speers Point
Sergeant Joseph Edward HAIG A31154 Charlestown
Sergeant George William HAINES 36327 Cardiff
Corporal Hector Keith HAINES 21273 Cardiff
WO Hilton Alfred HALES 421847 Cardiff
LAC Charles Henry HALL 134901 Swansea
WO Clifton Bradeley HALL 433919 Cardiff
Wing Commander Eldred Rayner HALL O3341 Fassifern
LAC Fredrick Maxwell HALL 130143 Cardiff
ACW1 Iris Olga HALL 93380 Charlestown
Sapper James HALL NX27947 Cardiff
ACW1 Adele Constance HAMILTON 97498 Cooranbong
LAC Bruce Raymond HAMILTON 71035 Teralba
Sergeant William Herbert HAMILTON 21075 Cardiff
ACW1 Dulcie Heather HAMILTON-MACDONALD 177797 Lake Macquarie
Sergeant Norma Adel HANCOCK 92372 Swansea
Captain Percy HANCOCK NX126476 Cardiff
Sergeant Phillip Leslie HANLEY 34293 Cardiff
LAC Edward HANLON 70428 Charlestown
Flight Lieutenant Walter Arthur Ronald HANSON 423109 Speers Point
Flying Officer Frank Knowles HARKER 21388 Kahibah
LAC Donald Earl HARRAGON 167078 Speers Point
Corporal Mostyn John HARRIES 69263 Cooranbong
LAC Arthur Leslie HARRIS 34713 Toronto
Corporal Henry Ernest HARRIS 37118 Young Wallsend
Corporal Mervyn Oscar HARRIS A2348 Cooranbong
AC1 Donald Douglas HARRISON 166855 Kahibah
Flight Sergeant Ernest HARRISON 413993 Cardiff
Corporal Francis HARRISON 37457 Cardiff
AC1 John Lawrence HARRISON 164642 Belmont
ACW1 Martha Hellen HARRISON 107949 West Wallsend
Corporal Norman HARRISON 25996 West Wallsend
LAC Richard Ashley HARRISON 74620 Kahibah
LAC Thomas Andrew HARROWER 35687 Blacksmiths
LAC James Vivian HART 156900 Nords Wharf
AC1 Kelven Maxwell HARTLAND 162059 Killingworth
LAC Normyle John HARTNEY 134851 Swansea
Flying Officer Thomas Charles HARVEY 433880 Dudley
LAC Neville Minns HAWKES 167764 Toronto
WO Samuel Clifford HAYWARD 412959 Cardiff
Sergeant Walter Grandison HAYWOOD 35310 Belmont
LAC Alexander HEANEY 74072 Belmont
Sergeant William Preston HEANEY 20253 Morisset
Corporal Edwin Roy Murray HEATH 35829 Teralba
LAC Stanley George HEATH 70677 Teralba
AC1 William Gardiner HEATH 21319 Redhead
LAC William Mervin HEATH 137283 Belmont

Acknowledgement of Country

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