Lake Macquarie History

WWII RAAF Heaton - Jefferies

Rank Christian Names Surname Service Number Suburb of Association
Corporal David Norman Blake HEATON 71422 Dora Creek
Corporal Harold James HENDERSON 69935 Speers Point
LAC John James HENDERSON 133985 West Wallsend
Corporal Ernest Hamilton HENRY 70392 Speers Point
Corporal James Angus HENWOOD 34074 Seahampton
LAC Harold Ernest HERBERT 71420 Argenton
ACW1 Leah HETHERINGTON 92892 Mount Hutton
Corporal Maxwell HETHERINGTON 134074 Belmont
Sergeant Norman HEWLETT 38551 Belmont
unknown Irene Mary HEYDON 351304 West Wallsend
Corporal John Beaver HICKEY 62626 Cardiff South
LAC Edward HICKS 131426 Cardiff
ACW1 Ann HILDITCH 176366 West Wallsend
LAC Leslie HILDITCH 74073 West Wallsend
Corporal Archibald Arbuckle HILL 35831 West Wallsend
Corporal Thomas James HILL 35311 West Wallsend
Sergeant Walter Charles HILTON 36235 Warners Bay
ACW1 Margaret Neville HINDS 176837 Cardiff
LAC Leslie HIPWELL A210496 West Wallsend
LAC John Allan HITCHCOCK 163228 Belmont
AC1 Sidney David HITCHCOCK 21417 Charlestown
LAC Henry Ronald HOARE 64906 Speers Point
AC1 Mervin Thomas HOARE 138048 West Wallsend
Corporal William Parry HODGE 21293 West Wallsend
LAC Alwin James HODGES 162056 Wyee
Corporal Cyril Leslie Hamper HODGES 21096 Belmont
Sergeant Gwen HODGINS 97916 Cardiff
ACW1 Mavis Margaret HODGINS 107836 Cardiff
LAC Wilfred Acton HODSON 71676 Toronto
LAC Keith Sylvester HOGAN 131034 Cardiff
LAC Noel HOGAN 132054 Cardiff
LAC Tasman HOGBIN 162918 Kahibah
Corporal Ernest Harry HOLDSWORTH 63520 Cardiff
Corporal Herbert HOLLIER 132942 Cardiff
ACW1 Gladys Irene HOLLIS 99345 Belmont
ACW1 Joan Kathleen HOLLIS 100632 Belmont
ACW1 Olive Marjorie HOLLIS 99279 Belmont
AC1 Jack HOLMES 166713 Young Wallsend
Corporal Frank William John HOOPER 60639 Kahibah
LAC John Robert HOOPER 137402 Charlestown
LAC Charles HOPKIN 72173 Boolaroo
LAC Basil Harry Clifford HORGAN A23102 Martinsville
LAC Barrie Reginald HORN 131412 Teralba
LAC Edward Noel HORN 72184 Dora Creek
Flying Officer Ernest Walter HOSKINGS O210216 Teralba
Corporal John Pete HOWARD 34090 Wyee
Corporal Joan Isabelle HOWIE 109310 Cardiff
LAC James Dennis HOYLAND 130411 Killingworth
LAC Arthur James HUDSON 131432 Belmont
LAC Claude HUDSON 69701 Belmont
Corporal Doris May HUGHES 98222 Speers Point
WO Francis William HUGHES 433208 Cardiff
LAC Garfield Llewellyn HUGHES 423744 Speers Point
LAC Hugh HUGHES 135985 Marks Point
WO John Easton HUGHES 6275 West Wallsend
AC1 Lloyd George HUGHES 60175 Speers Point
unknown Priscilla HUGHES 92565 Charlestown
LAC Robert Edward HUMBLE A210240 Cardiff
ACW1 Enid May HUMPHREYS 176065 Swansea
Sergeant Norman HUNT 61513 Wangi Wangi
LAC Reginald Alfred HUNT 135247 Cardiff South
AC1 William Carnaby HUNTER 21347 Belmont
ACW1 Verjeania Hope HUTCHISON 106173 Catherine Hill Bay
Sergeant Harry HYDE 32234 Swansea
Corporal Alfred George HYNES 6515 Belmont
Sergeant Clive Eric ILES 65316 Dudley
LAC John William ILES 35377 Dudley
AC1 Richard Matthew John ILES 130145 Cardiff
Flight Sergeant James Wallace IRWIN 64956 Boolaroo
Corporal Keith John JACKSON 62717 Boolaroo
LAC Ross Robert JAMES A219482 Belmont
LAC Robert JARVIE 136458 Kahibah
ACW1 Eunice Vida JEFFERIES 93071 Warners Bay

Acknowledgement of Country

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