Lake Macquarie History

History of Belmont Lagoon - Bibliography

Index of Images with hyperlinks to maps or photos in Appendix (for A History of Belmont Lagoon)

1. Excerpt of Map of Lake Macquarie and wetlands including Belmont Lagoon

2. Excerpt of 1942 Cartographic map of NE Lake Macquarie including Belmont Lagoon

3. 2020 Photograph of wetlands species foraging at Belmont Lagoon

4. Excerpt of 1874 Crown Plan N174-2111 with Portions around Belmont township

5. Excerpt of 1885 Parish of Kahibah map, Newcastle Land District

6. Excerpt of 2016 Newcastle Hunter Area Coastal Quaternary Geological map showing Belmont Lagoon


1. Accessed 12/8/20.

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3.Avian species feeding on Belmont Lagoon. 25 September 2020. Photographer: Grahame Feletti

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