Lake Macquarie History

Young Wallsend Colliery Ledger 1892-1907. Contains miscellaneous accounts, correspondence, pay and shift reccords

The Young Wallsend Coal Co. was formed in 1887. The Chairman of Directors was J.C. Bonarius. The company held 950 acres freehold between the Newcastle Wallsend Co., Brown's Minmi, West Wallsend and Teralba Collieries. A 530 ft shaft was sunk in 1887-8 and operations commenced.

Work at the mine was intermittent, with periods operating in caretaker mode over the years.The colliery closed finally in 1915 due to technical difficulties with gas, flooding and the seam itself.

The Young Wallsend Colliery ledger gives fascinating insights into the day to day life looking after a mine at the start of the twentieth century.