Lake Macquarie History


The Estate in Warners Bay with its artificial lake was built in 1989 on former mining company land owned by Investpec Pty Ltd. The major developer was Don Fox Planning. In keeping with the lake theme, street names were taken from the beautiful tourist area the 'Lake District' of England.

The Lymington Colliery tunnel was located in Lakelands and the coal was taken away by horse-drawn skip. This was along a skip way leading to the colliery railway in Cardiff South ("Coal, Railways and Mines" by B Andrews).

The Geographical Names Board assigned the suburb boundaries of Lakelands on 31 May 1991. Fishing competitions have been held at Lakelands Wetland in an attempt to reduce the amount of carp that have become a serious problem over the years. (Source LMCC).

Streets in Lakelands