Lake Macquarie History

Little Pelican

Located on the eastern side of Swansea Channel, Little Pelican is a Crown Land Reserve.

"Life at Little Pelican is a throw-back to desperate times when unemployed miners, hit by the Great Depression, built makeshift cottages at the waters edge.". (Source: NH 19 July 2007). Only a few cottages remain today at the end of about a kilometre of sealed road called Little Pelican Road. Their future is uncertain.

When the Sunstrip Caravan Park was established in 1956 a channel was dredged from the back of the park to the lake, cutting off Little Pelican from Pelican. Prior to this, people from Little Pelican could walk to Pelican, or as they called it 'Big Pelican'. The spot on the highway which is now the Blue Pacific Motor Inn used to be a dairy farm and cows used to wander freely around Little Pelican (Source: "NH" 2 May 2000).

In the Parish of Kahibah the locality of Little Pelican was assigned the status of suburb and the boundaries were defined on 31 May 1991 (Source: GNB of NSW)

Streets in Little Pelican