Lake Macquarie History

Macquarie Hills

In 1830 Joseph Weller selected Portion 24 of 2560 acres and received his grant in 1833. Sometime before 1869 this grant had been transferred to the Newcastle Wallsend Coal Company. This included what was to become part of Cardiff.

A rough bushtrack existed between Cardiff and Warners Bay from early times, called Government Road. In 1889 the Macquarie Subdivision was commenced by the Newcastle Wallsend Coal Company with part of Government Road renamed Macquarie Road. Further development of this subdivision in 1919 and 1922 extended Macquarie Road to where Lawson Road and Blaxland Road were being built. Macquarie Hills would have been given its name from this early subdivision and its proximity to Munibung Hill.

Originally part of Cardiff, the boundaries of Macquarie Hills were defined on 31 May 1991 by the Geographical Names Board. The status of suburb was assigned on 10 August 2001.

Streets in Macquarie Hills