Lake Macquarie History

Nords Wharf

Name Origin:

William Nord was one of the original land owners in the district. There is some evidence to say that Nord was a Swedish sea captain who transported the first cargo of wheat from Australia and in appreciation received a grant of land from the government. The area now known as South Beach was once called "Mosey's" Beach. For additional information on the Nord family, see the related pages.

Aboriginal Occupation:

It was once a Spring annual custom for Aborigines from outlying districts to come to the area for a mass walkabout. The route, which was unchanged, was called "Blackfellow's Track". This is approximately the location of Government Road today. At the turn of the century a number of Aborigines lived in huts at Cams Wharf.

Early Land Grants:

Portion 44, William Nord, 40 acres. Portion 3, George Henderson, 40 acres. Portion 94, Aaron Rees, 39 acres. Parish of Wallarah.

Early Settlers:

The Nord family had a large farm and orchard and their wharf was used by the ferries taking miners to Catherine Hill Bay.

Early Subdivisions:

D.P. 12863, declared 21/7/1924. Bounded by Marine Parade, Waterview Road, Central Avenue and Reserved Road (Crangan Bay Road). This subdivision was a part of portions 44, and 3.

Early Industries:

There were Chinese Gardens at Cams Wharf.

First Post Office:

Opened 1st January 1916.

First School:

Opened as a Provisional school from September to December 1901. It became a Public school in January 1902. Nords Wharf School known as 'Wallarah' until September 1919.

Water Supply:


Streets in Nords Wharf