Lake Macquarie History

Kelton Street

Originally named Macquarie Road with the designation 'north' being used by council staff. It seems to have been called (unofficially) Old Main Road and was renamed Kelton Street from a LMSC street name list by Government Gazette on 13th October 1972. Kelton is a town in UK and US. There is a US street name theme in Cardiff.

This name was suggested by the Shire Engineer Mr Allomes and adopted by the council. Commencing on 29th December, 1906 meeting of the Lake Macquarie Shire Council and the council offices were located in a rented house no. 32 next to the Police Station until 1915 when the first Council Chamber was built at Speers Point. This house was demolished in 2007. The Baby Health Centre was in Kelton Street; this building is now the Cardiff Dental Surgery.