Lake Macquarie History

Macquarie Road

A rough bush road existed between Cardiff and Warners Bay from early times. This was called Government Road. In the 1889 Macquarie Subdivision it was named Macquarie Road, leading towards Warners Bay. The Newcastle Wallsend Coal Co, the landowner, held subsequent land sales and the L.M. Shire Council began road improvements after 1906.

Cardiff's first railway platform was named Winding Creek. It was almost opposite the R.S.L. Club. There were level crossing railway gates on Macquarie Road; the gatekeeper was Mrs F Williams. Cardiff Public School is in this street. In earlier times, Macquarie Road used to connect with Kelton Street before the Harry Ford Reserve and fountain were built. The reserve and fountain were opened by P.D. Hills MLA on 2 August 1973.

Harry Ford had a shop in Macquarie Road in 1931 and the RSL Club in 1957. There were many more shops and businesses, too numerous to mention here.

With petrol rationing during the war, special buses for miners ran from Cardiff to John Darling, Burwood, and Lambton Collieries. The Winding Creek Bridge on Macquarie Road was built by DMR in 1969. In 2008 the Harry Ford Reserve was rezoned by Council and Woolworths acquired the land for inclusion in a new shopping centre being built. This was to replace the "Food For Less" grocery store lost in a fire in 2005. The Woolworths Shopping Centre reopened in 2010.

Macquarie Road is part of Main Road 527.