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Some of the B.A.C.. Mena camp 1915

  • Some of the B.A.C.. Mena camp 1915

    Photo Ref: 23367


    • Todd, Mr George Herbert
    • Wilson, Ms Gillian - Lake Macquarie City Library

    George Herbert Todd, Service Number NX147718. Enlisted in August 1914. Sailed from Sydney on 18th October 1914. Joined the convoy at Albany and sailed from there on 1st November 1914. Arrived Egypt middle of December 1914, and camped at "Mena" camp, at the foot of the Pyramids, until early April 1915. Landed at Anzac Cove April 25th 1915. Evacuated Anzac Cove December 17th 1915, two days before the final evacuation and returned to Egypt. Arrived in France April 1916, and left France on 1914-15 leave eight days before the Armistice was signed on 11th November 1918. Discharged the end of March 1919 Enlisted during second world war in 1941 and was discharged in November 1944.