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Arsenic smelter ruins, Blackalls Park, 1976

  • Arsenic smelter ruins, Blackalls Park, 1976

    Photo Ref: 23486

    Creator: Hartley, Mrs Dulcie Thelma

    An arsenic smelter operated in bushland west of Blackalls Park from 1923 until about 1926 by Walter Aldolphus Le Mesurier Pezet. Pezet had been involved with the production of arsenic in various parts of Australia, and at the time of establishment he was Managing Director of Arsenic Ltd. Labour troubles had rendered his smelter in Queensland unviable and it was soon after this that the plant at Blackalls was established. Fumes from the stacks destroyed native vegetation, as well as wafted over the small settlements of Blackalls and Fassifern. This caused residents considerable distress and a public meeting was held at Blackalls to protest which eventually led to the abandonment of the venture by Pezet.

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