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Royal Motor Yacht Club, Toronto.

  • Royal Motor Yacht Club, Toronto.

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    • Mayo, Mr Peter
    • Robson, Mr Ken - Newcastle Morning Herald

    Heat of the under 6 ltr Inboard Sratch Race. Speed boats are "Recoil" and "Ram". Annual Queen's Birthday Power Boat Spectacular, June 16 1980. Since its inception the club has fostered cruiser and power boat racing and operated with a ?very high degree of nautical ceremony and prestige, and on occasions, such as race days and other functions, uniform dress was mandatory?(RMYC website). In the past the Queen?s Birthday regattas held at the Royal Motor Yacht Club were seen as the highlight of the racing year and would bring speed boats from all over Australia to compete. However, the rising cost of insurance premiums and concerns about speed boat noise on Lake Macquarie has seen competitive speed boat racing discontinued. The club however does maintain an active Cruising section.

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