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Glendale Theatre interior

  • Glendale Theatre interior

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    The Jewel Theatre, licensed from 21 February 1958, was situated adjacent to a storm water channel, near the intersection of Main and Lake Roads. The theatre was built in two stages. The original building (Stage 1) was set back from the footpath. Its brick facade, stepped at the top, was broken only by the single window of the projection room. Four glass doors at street level gave access to the small vestibule. The auditorium walls were corrugated fibro above a low brick section. Internally, the auditorium was sparsely decorated, the steel framework being in no way hidden and the walls and roof were unlined. It was planned, as the theatre became established, to line the auditorium walls with curtains. Although licensed to seat 300, the Jewel had 250 tip-up theatre seats on its single level, sloping floor. The proscenium, of ribbed material, was constructed wide enough to take a CinemaScope screen. The projection box had both 35mm projectors (Cummins and Wilson) and 16mm equipment with Westrex sound.

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