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Stories of strength: Jake, 2019

  • Stories of strength: Jake, 2019

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    My mob is Kamilaroi. My totem is a goanna. I moved here first in 2012 and stayed five years. I left, went back to Walgett then went to Bathurst, back to Walgett, and back here. It’s a city to me, because Walgett is like a tiny community - everyone knows everyone. Here, not many people know anyone, and it’s big, with more things to do. I just love going outside and being in the fresh air. Doing different things like that. Play football. Go ride my bike different places. Walk around. Swim. I play didge, I do different ceremonies and all that. I do dance. I’ve been dancing for a long time and I’ve been playing didge ever since I was four. I’ve planned my whole life out. First, I want to be a qualified chef. Then once I get that done, I want to try to be a psychologist as well. Once I get that done, I’m gonna try to become a multi-millionaire. And once I retire, I’m gonna try to become a food critic.