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Stories of strength: Yingping, 2019

  • Stories of strength: Yingping, 2019

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    I have been in Australia for four years. I’m from a city with a long history - 3,000 years - and about 10 million people now. I was metal engineer. I worked nearly 30 years. Long time. It was happy life. I love my culture, and I love my food. I love dancing, so I met some new friends in Australia. I do Chinese dancing and belly dancing, and now I study ballet. Dancing is like music - people enjoy dancing so it makes it easy to mix with people. I started dancing when I was a little girl. I dance while I am happy and while I am unhappy, so I always dance. I am retired, so I have plenty of time to do things like dancing and sewing. Sometimes I do sewing jobs for families. I don’t have a job but I am still busy.