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Stories of strength: Roselea, 2019

  • Stories of strength: Roselea, 2019

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    I've lived in Lake Macquarie for about 20 years. I’m out at Windale and it's just the most amazing community spirit that I've ever lived in. I was an ex-army wife so I've moved around a far bit, but there's just nothing like the feel of Windale. The whole Eastlakes area gets behind everything we try to do and supports us immensely. Windale does have a really bad stigma, so I think that brings us closer together to prove to people how wrong they are about who we are and what we do. There's always willingness to go and help. Just everyone working together - Aboriginal or non-Aboriginal, we all get in and have a go. I run a Schools as Community Centre that's based at Windale Public School. So a part of my role is to facilitate anyone in our multicultural society to make them fit in, and to help them feel comfortable within the school and within the community. My culture is my being, it's my life. Everything is about teaching and learning, and learning happens every day for all of us. We all share what we know.