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Stories of strength: Julie, 2019

  • Stories of strength: Julie, 2019

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    Migration is in our history. Irish people have always emigrated. There are more Irish passports overseas than in Ireland. I worry about losing my Irish heritage but my Aussie husband has assured me we will make it a priority. I suspect I’m going to turn into the classic immigrant who forces their culture on their kids. We are considering Gaelic names - something we may not have done had we settled in Ireland. My husband and I met backpacking. We are the classic story of city girl and country boy. As a wedding celebrant, I’m particularly passionate about marrying an Aussie and someone from another country, because I know the challenges and sacrifices. The hardest thing for me is missing my female friendships and struggling to replicate them. For us living here, it’s the perfect pace of life. It is such a good mix between city and country. I feel the people in Lake Macquarie share the same values as I do. There are a lot of similarly minded people here, so I feel like I’ve finally found my tribe. I think maybe I wasn’t fully ready to embrace my Citizenship of Australia but I absolutely am now.