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Stories of strength: Hamira, 2019

  • Stories of strength: Hamira, 2019

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    Afghanistan is a beautiful country - a mountain country. When I grow up there until now, I just saw fighting and war there. We went to Saudi Arabia, then after, when Taliban gone from Afghanistan, we went back and I grew up, finished school and university. I married a person - he worked with Australian Army in Afghanistan. Australian Government give them a special visa - anyone who work with them, and that's why I'm here. When I come to Australia, I stayed at home, I was feeling so sad and every day I cry. I wanted to go back to my country. I wasn't connect with community that much, but in these few years in past I connect with all, like Australian and Muslim community. I teach art for multicultural women and it's helped them a lot because most from my community – Afghan community - all women stay home, have baby, look after babies and they don't have any education. I want somebody help, to talk with them and tell them that here is not Afghanistan. They can learn, study, attend TAFE or university and there is lots of help for them. I study nursing now to be a midwife.