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Stories of strength: Hamid, 2019

  • Stories of strength: Hamid, 2019

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    I come here from Syria as a refugee about three years ago. It is good country. But after war it is so hard for me and for my wife. Because nowhere is safe for me and for my kids. Then I move from Syria to another country because we don't have passport for me or for my family. We move to Lebanon because it's so close. We lived so hard in Lebanon about four years or five years before we come to here. After this the UN came, UNICEF, call me, ask if you like to come to Australia. I first time not have idea about this country. I ask them, is this Australia safe? Is it good safe? To me it is very good safe. I tell them: ‘OK! This good’. I feel at peace every day in the morning. Here I wake up and every day waking to some music from the birds. I start work in coffee shop. It is very good, very good. This coffee shop, I meet some people. Everybody friendly. I work in the kitchen now.