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Stories of strength: Elle, 2019

  • Stories of strength: Elle, 2019

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    I moved to Lake Macquarie in 2014. I’d spent a year in Brisbane, and before that I was living in London, and I grew up in Scotland. I met a boy in London. He’s from Australia and he grew up in Lake Macquarie, so I moved here for him. What did I find most unusual about Australia? I remember finding it really strange the first time someone cooked bacon and eggs on a barbecue. I can’t think of anything more profound than that! Since moving here, I have been massively touched by some of the community organisations that exist in Lake Macquarie. There are so many wonderful organisations run by amazing people and volunteers, or even just ad hoc groups of people who pick up the slack where services aren’t able to access. I love that Lake Mac has a diverse range of cultures I believe are respected, supported and celebrated. Every now and then I have to pinch myself and remember how awesome it is here, and how beautiful, and how people would come somewhere like this on holiday, and we get to live here every day.